Olive Reilly Wood

olive videos:

Olive at 11 months, getting excited over her water bottle and a bowl.

Olive has taken her first steps, starting just before 10 months.

She is now nearly nine months and very close to walking on her own. She can go up and down the hallway all day like this.

Olive demonstrating that she is not far off walking on her own at six and a half months

Olive at six months. She is now able to stand and balance against objects. Here she is playing with her blocks, which she loves to do at the moment.

Olive is starting to crawl. Her first attempts involved just balancing on her head like this.

Another video of Olive, this time playing with her toy guitar. If this is any indication, she may be the first of our family to show any musical ability! Taken September 24 2007, aged 5 months.

Here is one of Olive in her sling laughing out loud. This is sure to make you laugh too. It was taken on July 24th - just over 3 months old.

Here is one of Olive at 11 weeks, happily sitting in her rocking chair.

Olive's first movie, taken the day after birth