Olive Reilly Wood

olive: where does the name come from?

my name on a bottle
Olive Oil Bottle

Olive means peace, from the use of an olive tree branch as a symbol of peace, and I think that peace is what there should be more of in the world. My middle name Reilly is obviously from my mother's maiden name.

Family Name

Olive is a relatively old-fashioned name, many people I meet have an old aunt or such with the name Olive. There are some other Olive's in my family.

Olive Tree

My mum has also always liked Oliver as a boys name, though that was not an option if I had been a boy, and my mum thinks that a name of a fruit is a great name for a child of a dietitian.

An Olive Tree
Olive Tree

Not From Popeye

The name is not from Olive Oyl, the character in the cartoon "Popeye". Mum and dad says my name came from nowhere in particular, though at the time they considered it they had just seen the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" which had a little girl named Olive played by Abigail Breslin, the youngest of a dysfunctional family on a road trip to a child beauty pageant.


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