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August 17 2007

Hello little sweetheart, What a precious little girl are you. It is so great to see you grow and all the fun things you are doing with your Mummy and Daddy. Looking forward to seeing you when you come to Perth. Lots of love and kisses, Aunty Lee and Uncle Ernie xxxx

July 20 2007

Hi Ms. Personality,
Uncle Reg and Aunty Alli love to see your pictures! It's fun to see how quickly you're growing and doing all sorts of fun stuff with Mum & Dad. We are looking forward to when we can come and hold you.
Lots of Love to you...xxoxooxxxoo

July 10 2007

Hello Olive,
We looked at your photos and read all about you on Saturday. You are such a cutie and we are looking forward to seeing you one day and giving you cuddles. We really loved being able to look at the photos and seeing you grow. We've saved your website so we can look at it to see your latest photos and hear all your news. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Love from Great Aunty Joan, Helene, Vicki, Kate and Andrew

May 14 2007

Dear Olive.
You really are a little cutie aren't you? Thanks for sharing your 1 month photos with me! I have saved your very cool website in my favourites so will look forward to keeping up to date on all your news as you grow ...
Love Sophie P

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