Olive Reilly Wood

my firsts:

happy birthday Conner
first friend's birthday
(11 months old)

and I am not allowed to eat them!
first Easter
(11 months old)

happy birthday Olive
first birthday cake & party
(1 year old)
more from the parties

Cott beach
first time in Perth
(8.5 months old)

van trip
first trip in our new van
(8.5 months old)

taking some of my first steps
first steps
(10 months old)

first xmas party
my first Christmas party
- Fitzroy Nth mother's group
(7.5 months old)

swinging with dad
my first swing
(7.5 months old)

merry christmas
my first Christmas Day
(8.5 months old)

dad took me around the Melbourne Tan
my first lap of the Tan
— 42 minutes
(5.5 months old)

swimming with mum
my first swim
(6 months old)

I watched the game at the Norcote Pub
my first AFL grand final
(5.5 months old)

with dad at the MCG
my Soccer International -
friendly Aus v Arg
(5 months old)

with dad on his special day
my first Father's Day
(4.5 months old)

eating some bread
my first taste of solid food
(4 months old)

balloon from a trip to the city
my first balloon
(4 months old)

enjoying Sydney Harbour
my first trip to Sydney
(3.5 months old)

playing beach cricket
my first game of
beach cricket
(3.5 months old)

sitting on my own seat
my first plane trip
- to Sydney to visit cousins
(3.5 months old)

sleeping on the train
my first train ride
I slept through it!
(3.5 months old)

with mum at Anglesea beach
my first gift of orchids
- from Great Aunt Joan
(3 months old)

with mum at Anglesea beach
first time at the beach
- Anglesea
(3 months old)

at the pub
first trip to a pub
(7 weeks old)

holiday at Echuca
first holiday - to Echuca
(7 weeks old)

at Briana's 4th birthday
My first birthday party
- Briana's 4th
(7 weeks old)

mothers day with the family
My first Mother's Day
(4 weeks old)

taking a hike with dad
My first bushwalk
- with mum & dad
at Mt Dandenong
(2 weeks old)

my first AFL game
My first footy game,
West Coast versus
my team Richmond
(12 days old)

strolling for the first time
my first stroll
(4 days old)

taking my first bath
My first bath
- at the hospital
(second day)